Friday, 20 December 2013


Beef Heart pan seared , Parsnip & Horse radish puree and a Bloodwurst & Shiraz reduction (red wine & pigs blood).

               This ones bound to raise a few eyebrows being so vivid in presentation, but believe me once you know what your eating on your plate is a beautiful rich sauce made of pigs blood sausage and sweet, spicy shiraz wine . This rare offal cut scene on the household table, has fantastic strong beef flavours and paired with the sauce and the sweet, earthy and pungent puree its a match of delicacy. I've seen this dish done by a Pennsylvanian chef before using the actual wine named 'Bulls blood' and the dish had the edition of some marrow of which I've unusually run out of.                                                                    
               I first made the puree by peeling and chopping some parsnips. In a pot of water I brought the parsnip pieces to the boil before reducing the heat and simmering the parsnip until soft and tender. The parsnip was then drained and placed in a blender with a little cream and horse radish paste, this was then blended to a puree, spooned into a bowl and set aside to plate. Next was the reduction sauce of which I cut up a bloodwurst sausage and fried off cubed pieces of the pigs blood and pork fat three parts to one, in a little butter until completely broken down. To this I added some good quality shiraz, some sugar and salt simmering on low stirring until reduced to a thick dark blood red syrup. This was then removed from the stove poured into a small glass and set aside for plating. Last was the heart of which I rinsed and pat dried before trimming into a 12 mm thick, 4 cm square steak. This was then pan fried in a very hot pan with a little olive oil, cracked black pepper and sea salt for about 2-3 minutes each side. the heart steak was then rested for 5-6 minutes before being cut into wedges to be plated.      
               To plate this a spooned some puree just off centre of the plate, placing the two wedges of heart on top of that and finishing the plate to resemble splattered blood I flicked and dressed the plate and the heart fillets with the pigs blood and red wine sauce. The heart of an ox and the blood of a pig.

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