Friday, 13 December 2013

' AUSSIE small mouthed NANNYGAI .'

Crimson Snapper twice cooked , Rosella syrup , Yoghurt , Granny Smith apple , Native Lime berries , micro lemon myrtle leaves and black sea salt.

         Crimson snapper is what the ' small mouthed nannygai is more commonly none on the Queensland tropical reefs as. This fish has a clean, sweet but firm flesh with great salt water flavours and was a perfect pairing with some of the bushfoods coming into season in our backyard. This is a light but well seasoned dish which takes you from sweet rosella to tangy sour lime berries with the refreshing accompaniments of yoghurt, apple and lemon myrtle, a great showcase of Aussie ingredients paired up.    
          To make this dish I first prepared the apple slicing to a 2mm julienne then dressing them in olive oil, lemon juice and sea salt. Next I gathered and washed the native lime berries and micro myrtle leaves. A syrup was made of rosella calyxes, lemon juice, sugar and water gently simmered until syrupy in consistency and then this was strained and set aside. Just before plating the snapper was rinsed under cold water, pat dried and cut into long strips before being placed into a pot of 85 deg.c. olive oil and cooked confit for about 6-8 minutes. The fish was then pan fried quickly in butter to give colour.
     To plate I poured the rosella syrup onto the plate placing the crimson snapper on top of that. I then arrange the julienne of apple, lime berries, dabs of plain yoghurt and the micro lemon myrtle leaves. To finish the plate I seasoned the fish with some ground black sea salt.

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