Friday, 20 December 2013

' 16 FRUIT MEDLEY .' #2

Sixteen fruits all individually prepared in a modernist take on a fruit platter.

         This is the second in the 16 fruit series this time a modernist take on a fruit platter with all fruits individually prepared. Like the first in the series some of these fruits have been backyard harvested
(magenta cherry, passionfruit, rosella, green papaya, native raspberry and the cedar bay cherry). Below is a list of the fruits used and their preparations beginning with the rosella calyx at twelve o'clock and working in a clockwise direction.                                                                                                                                  
     Native Rosella calyx (1) - two calyxes, one calyx inside the other.
     Tahitian Lime (2) - topped with black grape slice and salt, piggy backing Native Raspberry (3).
     Dried Fig (4) - poached in shiraz, thyme and sugar topped with cinnamon myrtle leaf.
     Kiwi Fruit (5) - cut with melon baller topped with cinnamon myrtle flower.
     Passionfruit (6) - passionfruit panna cotta topped with vanilla cream, passionfruit pulp & mint leaves.
     Black Grape (7) - black grape topped with grape slice & piggy backing Native Magenta Cherry (8).
     Pink Grapefruit (9) - topped with grapefruit zest and curry herb.
     Banana (10) - banana brulee.
     Jackfruit (11) - topped with mint leaf and cypress black sea salt.
     Black Plum (12) - diced and presented stacked.
     Granny Smith Apple (13) - cube seasoned with black salt & piggy backing Cedar Bay Cherry (14).
     Green Papaya (15) - centre piece : slice of green papaya topped with diced ripe papaya & tarragon.
     Strawberry (16) - gelee made from strawberry coulis, used as the base of the platter.
All fruits were tossed in olive oil, lime juice, pink Himalayan salt and palm sugar before being plated.

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