Sunday, 8 December 2013

' BORGO COPPA & MELONS .' appetiser

Appetiser of Borgo Coppa married with Watermelon , Cantaloupe, Lemon vinaigrette and Seasoned with black & white cypress salt. 

                    Prosciutto or Coppa in this case paired with melon is a match made in heaven and for this dish its kept ultra simple so the diner can experience this flavour partnership to its full. This is a perfect appetiser because it does just that, give you a grand appetite finishing the plate searching for the next and the whole thing is light and for summer very refreshing. For this plate I used Coppa from Borgo a Queensland owned and family run company since 1966, which specialise in Italian style smallgoods and I rate them very high for quality. Coppa is similar to prosciutto as they are both air dried sausages made from pork, but coppa is different as it is made only from the neck of the pork and is renowned for its aroma. The neck meat is rolled in salt and spices and air dried then allowed to mature to develop flavours. Coppa is considered a delicacy in Italy and has a much stronger flavour than its air dried cousins partly to the fact that the neck has a natural 50/50 meat to fat ratio. And the fat is throughout  the meat and not on the edges of the cut, along with some presence of marbling this gives the cold-cut a softer texture to say prosciutto. And as flavour comes from fat, giving the Coppa a stronger taste.            
                     To make this appetiser I just simply cut the Coppa, watermelon and cantaloupe into different sized circles and shapes, tossing the fruit in a little vinaigrette made from lemon juice, olive oil and some palm sugar. The shapes were presented layered in different sequence on the plate and drizzled with the vinaigrette before being seasoned with a little Black and White Cypress salt.


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