Friday, 13 December 2013


Fume froide caviar noir , Confit de pomme de terre , Concombre prepare en brunoise et rubans , Sesame miette , Creme de dijon , Dill frondes et Wild Rocket fleur.

Translates- Cold Smoked black caviar, confit of potato, cucumbers prepared brunoise and ribbons, sesame crumb, cream of dijon, dill fronds and wild rocket flowers.                                   
         This preparation is an easy take on modernist French cuisine and came about when I had some smoke still going from remaining apple wood chips so I though I'd try cold smoking the caviar so I didn't melt the precious little eggs. In this case the Lumpfish black caviar was placed into a small ramekin in a metal bowl filled with ice, the bowl was then placed on the rack in the smoker and cold smoked for 10-12 minutes. The potato was peeled and sliced into batons 8 mm thick, these were cooked at 85 deg.c. in olive oil for about 6-8 minutes before being finished in a pan of butter to make then golden and crispy. The sesame crumble is basically a mix of savoury biscuit crumb, sesame seeds and a little olive oil. The cream of dijon is a combination of dijon mustard and creme fraiche.
        I garnished the plate with some diced (brunoise) and ribbons (rubans) of cucumber, some dill fronds and tiny wild rocket flowers.


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