Sunday, 8 December 2013


Entree salad of crispy & cold-cut Borgo Prosciutto , Shaved Rockmelon , Pea shoots , Ranch dressing and seasoned with Black and white Cypress salt.

            Very similar to the last post, this is another simple dish of cold-cuts paired with the sweet flavours of melons but this time served as an entree size salad, using a different cut of meat and accompanied with a dressing instead of the acidity of a vinaigrette, this is a much smoother ride and more overall balance of flavours. I decided to pan fry some prosciutto to add some crunchy texture to the entree. In the last post I married Coppa with melon this time I'm using a different cut from the Borgo company, prosciutto. Which is an air dried ham selected from the very best legs of bacon pork. The pork legs are de-boned, salted and seasoned according to a traditional Italian recipe. They are then air dried and matured over an extensive period before being thinly sliced and served with either fresh crusty bread or rockmelon its a mouth watering cold-cut.              
           To make this entree I began by whipping up a quick ranch dressing by mixing in a bowl some buttermilk, salt, paprika, ground mustard seeds, black pepper, minced garlic & onion, copped dill, parsley and chives to form a runny paste and this was added to sour cream and mixed to incorporate. The dressing was drizzled on to the plate and this was followed by some shaved rockmelon. With some of the prosciutto slices I laid them on a flat tray and grilled until crisp and crunchy, these together with some cold-cut prosciutto was then arranged on top of the rockmelon, garnished with some pea shoots and the whole salad was then seasoned with some Black and White Cypress salt to finish.



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