Saturday, 14 December 2013


Roulades of Tartufella & Buffalo milk mozzarella wrapped in roasted capsicum & eggplant skins served with Caper berries , Spanish green olives , Lemon zest , micro mint leaves and sun-dried tomato oil.

                This plate came about as a by-product of the preparations of another dish in which I needed oven roasted peppers and eggplant. From this I salvaged the colourful skins of the red pepper and the Graffiti varietal eggplant. Using ingredients to match from my stores I came up with this quick and eye pleasing entremet. This plate takes you right to the mediterranean, packed with Italian punch. And right in the heart of the dish, the centre of the roulade fillings is Tartufella, a product that my mother brought back from Assisi during her trip to Italy. The heart and soul of the entremet, pungent in flavour.                  
                 To make these little roulades I oven roasted the capsicum and eggplant in a little olive oil and  smoked Cypress sea salt at 200 deg.c. for about 20 minutes until just starting to blacken in places. They were then removed and placed in a plastic bag to sweat, making it easier to remove their skins. The skins were removed and trimmed to size placing a spoonful of buffalo mozzarella at one end of each skin, I then put a small spoon of the tartufella (mix of mushrooms, truffle, truffle oil & olive oil) in the centre of the cheese. I then rolled the roulades by starting from the filling end and rolling away from myself, placing a dab of cheese on the end of the skin to act as glue to keep the roulades rolled.                  
                 To present I poured some olive oil in the centre of the plate placing the two different roulades in the oil topping with sliced pitted spanish green olives and some caper berries. I garnished this with micro mint and lemon zest, to finish I mixed sun-dried tomato oil into the oil on the plate swirling to mix or marble the two different oils.

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