Monday, 16 December 2013

' 16 FRUIT MEDLEY .' #1

Sixteen fruits individually prepared in a modernist take on the fruit salad.

                    This my take on a sixteen fruit modernist salad with all the fruits individually prepared and some of the fruits have been gathered from the backyard in particular the berries, cherries and native bushfoods. So in a list starting from the back row and working left to right in order as you see them.          
      Native Sandpaper Fig (1) - topped with dill frond.
      Calypso Mango (2) - wedge topped with white grape slice, olive oil leaf herb & black cypress salt.
      Red Dragon fruit (3) - cut with melon baller and piggy backing Native Lime berry (4).
      Rockmelon (5) - shaved and rolled in a scroll and topped with lemon balm and black cypress salt.
      Watermelon (6) - piggy backing Inca berry (7) and mint leaf.
      White Grape (8) - seasoned with black cypress salt and oregano leaf.
      Blueberry (9) - blueberry mousse, fresh blueberry and Midgen Berries (10) & wild rocket flower.
      Stella Red Cherry (11) - Pitted.
      Mulberry (12) - garnished with cinnamon myrtle flower.
      Brazilian Cherry (13) - Pitted.
      Apricot (14) - Stuffed with cream cheese and topped with chia seeds.
      White Dragon fruit (15) - cut with a melon baller and garnished with kaffir lime leaf slithers.
      Honeydew Melon (16) - This was juiced and made into a gelee and sits under the fruit.
 All fruits were dressed with olive oil, lemon juice and palm sugar before being plated.                          


  1. I really enjoy reading your recipes Jean-Robert, they've given me inspiration to think outside the square and take on some new challenges. In fact Im really looking forward to Christmas day, where I have set a challenge for my wife and I to cook four entrees each, which gives us range to a wide array of fresh and local produce with very different tastes, textures and philosophies. Thank you for your posts.

    1. This '16 FRUIT MEDLEY' certainly looks refreshing to the palette. :::)

  2. Cheers Frommy, sounds fantastic you guys have access to some of the worlds greatest ingredients, glad to be able to inspire you to play with you're food. Best wishes and may you're family have a very merry Christmas.

  3. This looks mouthwatering!