Saturday, 30 August 2014


Italian Goats cheese coated in Fennel three-ways ( fresh herb, roasted seeds & fresh pollen ) served with Roasted beetroot reduction. 

                  These are some classic pairings presented in a little taster dish or cheese plate in a multi coarse menu. Fennel is the accent here and by using the different parts of the plant has given the three truffles a spectrum of contrast except with the same flavour base. Not only are there different textural differences between the three but also the potency and when the flavour hits you. For example the truffle which has been rolled in fresh fennel herb, the flavour is instant but refreshing and with an average aftertaste. Where as the truffle rolled in pollen combines flavours with the cheese further and gives a subtle flavour. The seeds on the other hand are crunchy in texture and pack a late punch with an everlasting aftertaste. The beetroot reduction is there to break the fennel flavour up and the beets have been roasted to bring out the sweetness.                                                                                                      
                  To make these goats cheese truffles is simple and all I did was combine 3 parts cheese to 1 part icing sugar, roll the mixture into bite size balls and coat with the three different fennel coatings. To make the fennel seed coating a mixed 1 part sesame seeds to 3 parts fennel seeds and toasted them in a hot skillet until showing some colour before I removed them from the skillet to cool. On a flat tray in the oven at 160C, I roasted some beetroots until soft and tender in side. While the beets were still hot but warm enough to handle I slipped their skins off and placed them into a blender with a splash of red wine and blended the beets to a puree. I then passed this through a sieve before reducing on low to med heat in a small saucepan, until thick and syrupy.

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