Friday, 8 November 2013


Vodka & Raspberry jelly-pops, Vodka and Raspberry jellies with Red raspberry sugar and Pink rose sugar dips. 

                     The second in the series of alcoholic jellies brings back the 90's classic 'the red fire engine' in a contempory plate for maybe an adult birthday or cocktail night as an edible table display. I remember this place in the city in the 90's called St. Pauls tavern that sold one litre buckets of red fire engine for $5 on a Thursday nights and place used to be packed with uni students. Those were messy nights if I remember off hand. For this I wanted to present this as jellies on sticks or jelly-pops and provide two different coloured and flavoured dipping sugars, with the whole display on an edible film of raspberry soda and a vodka jelly slab to be the jelly-pop holder. My intensions was to make the jelly-pops round in cut but I couldn't find my cutter and when attempting to use something else I separated the layers of jellies. So I ended up with the faithful cubes once again.                                                        
                    To make this party platter I first started with the jellies, bringing separately first the vodka and a little agar to the simmer, whisking to dissolve the agar and pouring into a mould before setting in the fridge. I then did the same with the raspberry soda and poured this over the almost set vodka and placing back into the fridge to fully set. Next I made the raspberry film and the vodka stand by the same  process only using gellan gum instead of agar, the raspberry and gellan were brought to the boil, whisking and poured on to a flat tray to set and the vodka was made the same and poured in to a mould to set. I made the sugars by placing half a cup each of white sugar into two separate jars with tight fitting lids, I then added red colouring and raspberry flavouring to one and pink colouring and rose water to the other. Placing the lids on I shook each jar vigorously for about half a minute to incorporate the colours and flavours through the sugar crystals resulting in pink & red sugars to be used for dipping.


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