Friday, 8 November 2013


Sweet Corn custard, Fajita sauce, Salsa of chilli, lime & mint, Oven roasted green chillies, corn kernels, fresh mint leaves and Fajita spiced tortilla chips.

               This dish is another packed with flavour, sweet, spicy, soothing, refreshing, tangy, savoury its got the lot. I love the smokey flavours of fajita spice blend and the punch from the roasted chillies.        
            I began preparing this plate with the sweet corn custard, I kept to a basic custard technique with the exceptions of infusing the cream and milk with corn milk and the addition of a little agar to help keep mould. Firstly I cut away the kernels of corn from their cobs, setting some aside for plating, I placed them into a saucepan with cream and milk before heating gently to extract the juices from the corn and their natural starches. I then strained the milk and discarded the kernels, reheating the milk with a little sugar, egg yolks and agar powder bringing to a gentle simmer while continuously whisking. When the mixture had thickened I poured the custard into moulds and placed in the fridge to set before un-moulding. I placed some small green chilies in the oven on 200 deg.c. with a little olive oil and smoked cypress salt. These were removed and set aside to cool once a little coloured. Next I made the fajita spice blend to go in the sauce and spice the chips. To make the fajita spice mix I blended together cornstarch, chilli powder, onion powder, garlic powder, smoked paprika, salt, sugar, chicken stock powder, cayenne pepper and cumin, mixing until all had incorporated. To make the tortilla chips I just simply sliced up some tortillas into strips and wedges, brushed them with oil and sprinkled with smoked cypress salt before placing in a 200 deg.c. oven to cook. Once they started to brown I removed them brushed with some more oil and seasoned with some of the fajita spice. The next component was the salsa of which I finely diced (brunoise) orange, yellow, red and jalapeno peppers. Combining this with thinly sliced fresh mint leaves and lime juice. Finally I made the fajita sauce by heating tomato and capsicum puree with the fajita spice mix, this was then set aside to cool. 
             To plate I spooned some sauce on the plate, making a smear with the back of the spoon. On top of this I arranged the upturned corn custard, spooning the salsa on the sauce. I then placed some salsa on top of the custard and placed a fajita chip wedge on top that, scattering corn kernels, roasted chillies, the tortilla spiced strips and garnished with micro mint leaves to finish. Taste sensation.


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