Sunday, 9 February 2014


Warm salad of Sweetcorn & Asparagus , Wakame Shiro miso, Sauteed onions , Toasted sesame seeds & Shichimi Togarashi .

                    This is a taste sensation and is simple and quick to make. Essentially a vegan friendly warm salad of sweetcorn and asparagus using the bold flavours of spice and heat with that savoury unami flavour from the fermented miso paste to help add a rich deep element to the otherwise light fare. The dish was seasoned with the japanese chilli spice shichimi togarashi, a spice mix containing seven flavours ( black and white sesame seeds, poppy seeds, roasted orange peel, sancho, ginger and nori). The asparagus in this dish was supplied by friends of ours (Buchanan's produce) and are local to the area, growing the freshest of organic produce and a decent size flock of dorper lambs. Many thanks Warren and co. for the gesture and the ongoing inspiration and knowledge in growing good food.    
                    Together in a bowl I mixed some shiro miso, rice wine vinegar and mirin to a paste before making a swipe on the plate. Standing a cob of corn on its end I cut the kernels of corn from off the cob with a sharp knife. I cut the asparagus into small pieces and sliced a small onion finely. With a little butter I sauteed (sweat) the onions off before removing, turning the heat up and cooking the corn and asparagus. I first laid a bed of sauteed onions across the swipe on the plate before placing the corn kernels on top of the onions followed by the asparagus. I seasoned the plate with some toasted sesame seeds and some Japanese seasoning shichimi togarashi.

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